10 Beauty Salon Furniture and Equipment Essentials

by:Tingmay     2020-04-04
If you run a beauty salon, then you'll probably have all the beauty equipment and salon furniture you need to offer the beauty treatments that your clients want. If you're opening a new salon, or expanding the treatments you offer, then perhaps you'll need more appropriate salon furniture and beauty equipment. Here's what you should consider 1. The chairs you choose for your salon will need to offer the support and adjustment to make your clients comfortable whilst allowing your expert beauticians to carry out their treatments. You might want to choose new styles, or a different colour scheme to impress your clients. 2. Having a nice reception desk will give your clients the right impression. You'll want them to think that you're professional and that you can make them look and feel better with your beauty treatments. 3. The beauty stools you and your staff use will need to be at the right height and comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. What about having a range of stools of different heights, or adjustable stools? 4. You'll need to make sure that your trolleys can hold all the beauty equipment that you and your staff need, and that they are easy to wheel around the salon. If your have seen better days, why not get new trolleys that will be up to the job. 5. It's important that your couches are in good condition, otherwise your clients will notice, and it will look like you don't care about your salon furniture, and this might mean that people don't come back. You'll want adjustable couches so that it's easier for your staff to provide the treatments. 6. Massage chairs are a good idea, and will enable your therapists to work their magic properly and effectively. 7. Pedicure and manicure furniture will see a lot of use, as you offer nail treatments, and make sure that you're clients' toes and feet look good. You'll want to make sure that both your clients and nail technicians are comfortable during the treatment. 8. Why not think about offering dermalift face and body lift treatments if you're not already? Providing great results, it's an alternative to facelift surgery. 9. Microcurrent treatments are used to reprogramme muscle fibres, and can help to improve skin tightening with RF machine tone and texture, such as sagging arms, and wrinkles on the face and neck. If this is something that you think your clients would benefit from, why not see find out more about microcurrent machines. 10. Microdermabrasion equipment will allow you to provide microdermabraision treatments to your clients. This treatment leaves the skin tightening with RF machine looking and feeling fantastic, and is becoming popular thanks to the incredible results. If you're not offering microdermabrasion treatments yet, maybe you should be. Now you know more about the treatments, and other essentials that you might want to offer, perhaps now is the time to make sure that you have all the right salon furniture and beauty equipment that you need, and your clients expect.
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