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An Introduction to HIFU Treatment


What is HIFU?

Ultrasound lifting is called Ulthera polar sonic skin lift, and its working principle is to operate the superficial aponeurotic system 4.5mm deep under the epidermis, and concentrate the high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to focus on the skin fascia layer. Let the subcutaneous temperature reach 60℃-70℃, make the fascia layer compact and contract, and stimulate the contraction and regeneration of collagen at the same time, and change the original collagen fiber network, so as to achieve the lifting and tightening and improve the sagging problems.

Ultrasonic lifting equipment can gather ultrasonic waves into countless points. These points are transformed by sound waves and thermal energy to form high-energy treatment points with super penetrating power. When it acts on the skin, it changes from a point to a depth of about 1.6-4.5mm under the skin, directly tightens the loose fascia layer, and stimulates the regeneration and reorganization of collagen in the dermis, thereby driving away skin wrinkles, sagging and other aging problem.

Who is suitable for HIFU treatment?

Generally speaking, people with the most obvious effect after ultrasonic surgery are over 35 years old, because this group of people have relatively serious problems with sagging. However, if the contours of young friends are relatively tight, they will naturally not benefit much after finishing the procedure. 

What are the precautions after ultrasound lifting?

1. Do not wash your face with water above 36 degrees within a week, do not massage your face, and do not squeeze your face into the face during sleep;


2. Before the operation, communicate with your attending physician.


3. Do not eat spicy food, do not drink or smoke within a week;


4. Do not eat soy sauce and other heavy pigments, drink alcohol, or eat hot peppers within a month.

5. After the operation, in order for each layer of the skin to be penetrated by the ultrasound, the "healing response" can be made in time, from the surface of the skin to the fascia layer, avoiding the side effects of ultrasound lifting, and achieving the ultrasound lifting effect is very important.