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by:Tingmay     2018-07-18

On December 15th in Chengdu, the company 'returning to the spirit of quality, optoelectronic masters conference' was held as scheduled.

'Bring out of gorgeous appearance, return to the spirit of quality'

Remarks by Li Liang, General Manager of China Headquarters

Zhao Xiaozhong

Zhao Xiaozhong, director of the disease, insists on giving lectures to students. Course: Principles and Treatment of Pigment Diseases. The course mentioned: equipment is the best and most reliable Q-switched laser I've ever used.

Liu Gang, Director Liu Gang, Course: Clinical application of Q-switched laser. Faced with an expensive picosecond price of nearly 3 million, many public hospitals have opted for Q-switched lasers. Q-switched lasers are an advantageous weapon for dermatologists.

Lin Yinghao

brand expert, course: Latest progress in treatment of chloasma treatment, optoelectronic standardization operation explanation, laser post-operative repair precautions. Dr. Lin Yinghao, the most popular speaker from Tmay, continued to introduce the comprehensive treatment of chloasma. The combination of western learning and traditional Chinese medicine is well-known in the world and brings therapeutic strategies that are suitable for small and medium-sized structures. Dr. Lin: Pastelle can well coordinate the doctor's treatment flexibility to adjust energy and parameters.

Wa Qingyi

Director Wang Qingqing brought us a lesson in the treatment of pigmentary disease loss. During the course of the course, we also talked about the treatment and discussion of vitiligo, the most common skin tightening RF machine disease.

Wang Shiping

Dr. Wang Shiping brings courses: dermatology management and pigment therapy in private hospitals. Introduced the operation and management of skin tightening RF machine in private hospitals. Focusing on electro-optic therapy, the project introduced the horizontal and vertical integration of the project advocated by the director of Ms.

Cao Fang

Cao Fang brings courses: ATR treats melasma. With 16 years of clinical experience, the absorbance of the soft 1064nm wavelength is beneficial to sub-cellular levels of melanin inhibition, to achieve zero patient disputes!

Mu Hao

Mu Hao: Your face is worth millions! Value Value Management is your life's high return investment, from the information class courses of Mu Xin.

On-site student dynamics

Actual operation Pastelle

Students observe practical exercises

Group photo of trainees

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