blog HR808 semiconductor laser: pull 'hair' to promote hair removal to the root

by:Tingmay     2018-06-30

hair removal has always been an inevitable topic for beauty-conscious women. Whether it's in hot summer or cold autumn and winter, you don’t want to see people when you need to expose your arms and legs. Thick hair on his own body.

In the long process of confrontation with the hair, the beauty-conscious women invented a variety of ways to remove the hair, both cruel and mild, but for a common purpose, the body was hairless.

Common hair removal methods

Common female hair removal methods are nothing but the following: Pull hair with tweezers, shave with a razor, remove hair with a depilatory cream, and remove hair with a laser.

The first two methods of hair removal are undoubtedly cruel. Women not only have to bear the pain caused by hair removal, but also have a general hair removal effect. It will take a long time to grow new thicker and darker hair, and some people are more likely to appear. The consequences of infection and suppuration.

The latter two methods of depilation are relatively more scientific, but compared to laser hair removal, hair removal products such as depilatory creams are difficult to permanently depilate and may grow back again after a certain period of time.

Therefore, laser YAG LASER machine for hair removal removal, which is a hair removal method starting from a hair follicle, has a good effect and can achieve permanent medical hair removal, and is more likely to be favored by beauty-loving women.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the use of laser light penetrating directly to the hair follicles and hair roots, photothermal effect can damage the hair follicles, without damaging the surrounding normal tissue, high hair removal accuracy, good safety, and to achieve medical Permanent hair removal, once hair removal, never worry.

At present, the laser hair removal program is more and more loved by amateurs, and professional laser hair removal machines are also rare. HR808 semiconductor lasers and Mercury long pulse lasers are highly appreciated by Amy because of their excellent therapeutic effect and extremely high safety. People love it.

Can not go to the root hair removal method, will only exacerbate the problem of increasing hair problems, so the hair removal can only be encouraged, and hair removal must go to the root, in addition, we must pay attention to the safety issues in the hair removal process, laser hair removal is the best choice .

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