blog The photo-aging symptoms cannot be ignored in autumn hifu ultrasound machine

by:Tingmay     2018-07-09

After entering November, the feeling of deeper autumn is becoming more intense, and the winter's footsteps are getting closer. As Xiao Bian repeatedly stressed the season of moisturizing, but also can not ignore the importance of sun protection.

Because of the less moisture in the air in autumn and winter, the barrier capacity is weak, and the barrier function is damaged when the skin is dehydrated, which is more susceptible to the effects of ultraviolet light in the sun and the symptoms of photoaging.

Autumn and winter seasons need to pay more attention to the problem of photoaging. Because autumn and winter prone to skin water shortage problems, itself has a serious impact on skin health, when there is a problem of photoaging, the aging symptoms will be amplified and exacerbated, and ultimately produce serious skin aging symptoms, seriously affecting the skin tightening RF machine look.

So, what are the common daily photo-aging phenomena?

First, the skin is rough and the stratum corneum thickens. After being damaged by the ultraviolet rays, the skin directly affects the health of the deep collagen and collagen fibers of the skin, causing the skin to be apt to decay. At the same time, it is affected by incomplete skin cleaning factors. It is prone to coarse pores, resulting in rough skin and thickening of the stratum corneum. .

Followed by loose skin tightening RF machine, easy to produce deep and thick wrinkles. After the sun's ultraviolet rays act on the skin, it can cause the collagen fibers in the skin to change, the structure becomes loose, and the number of elastic fibers decreases, which is a deep reason that causes the skin to relax due to photoaging. After the skin relaxes, it is constantly under the influence of its own gravity, and the collagen fiber breaks, resulting in deep and thick cells.

Finally, photoaging can produce localized pigmentation or telangiectasias, and can even cause a variety of benign or malignant tumors.

Ultraviolet rays act on the skin, causing melanin cells in the skin to produce a large amount of pigment particles that accumulate in the skin and cause pigmentation and pigmentation. In addition, ultraviolet rays cause great harm to the skin, which directly damages the health of the skin and causes certain malignant skin tightening RF machine diseases.

Therefore, even in the autumn and winter when the UV is not strong, we must also do a good job of sun protection work to reduce the damage of UV on the skin, you can use some physical or chemical sunscreen products. For those who have already experienced photo-aging symptoms, they can be improved with laser medical cosmetic techniques.

Such as TmayPicocare picosecond laser and ATR, Pastelle Q-switched laser, can accumulate melanin particles in the skin, effectively improve pigmentation and pigmentation problems, and can effectively improve aging problems and delay aging symptoms.

After the fall, there is no hot sun, and the impact of the sun on our daily life is indeed a lot smaller, but the effect of ultraviolet rays in the sun will not be less.

Daily sun protection is not only a necessary measure to prevent sun damage, but also part of the daily skin care, can effectively delay the aging of the skin, so Xiao Bian reminds the beauty people, do not ignore the light aging problem after the winter, ready to do sun work.

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