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by:Tingmay     2018-06-22

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. As a barrier to the inside of the human body and the outside world, the skin protects the body from external intrusions. At the same time, it is also vulnerable to external influences and a series of problems arise. The stain is the most common. One of the skin tightening RF machine problems.

The principle of pigmentation is generally closely related to the pigment particles in the skin. When the pigment particles in the skin are too much and accumulate together, a stain is produced. The speckles have been plaguing people of beauty for a long time. In order to cope with and alleviate the symptoms of pigmentation, relevant professionals have customized various solutions.

Laser freckle is a new type of freckle removal program in recent years. Compared with traditional solutions, it has great advantages. Today we talk about the advantages of laser treatment compared with traditional freckle methods.

The traditional methods for coping with stains include drugs, freezing, electrocautery, chemical exfoliation, and mechanical grinding. The drugs are used internally and externally. The long-term use of internal medicines will certainly have a negative impact on the health of the stomach and liver, while the external use of drugs It may irritate the skin tightening RF machine and cause allergies. And drug treatment itself is very slow and its effectiveness is unknown.

Compared with drugs, freezing, electrocautery, chemical exfoliation, and mechanical grinding of freckle are effective for a short period of time, but they have a good therapeutic effect. After treatment, they can effectively fade spots. However, these methods are all based on the removal of lesions and normal tissues without selective removal of the stains, and thus the relative risk is high, and if it is not properly treated, it will lead to depressed scars.

The commonly used methods of laser freckle are generally picosecond laser and Q-switched lasers, such as Picocare picosecond laser and Pastelle Q-switched laser. The principle of laser freckle generally uses the photothermal effect, penetration and opto-mechanical properties of laser to directly penetrate. The skin acts on the pigment particles and is blasted and excreted to achieve the effect of lightening the stain.

Therefore, relative to traditional treatment methods, laser freckle mainly has the following advantages:

The first is effective, and the direct action of the laser on the pigment particles is to blast it and expel it from the body, so that the effect of laser freckle can be seen immediately.

Secondly, it has high safety. Unlike traditional treatment programs, laser freckle can only act on the pigment particles in the skin. It has little effect on normal skin and therefore has high safety.

From this, it can be seen that the laser freckle can meet the needs of amateurs in terms of safety and effectiveness, and it also has advantages.

In addition, even if laser freckle is difficult to remove once and for all, Xiaobian also recommends that the best choice for beauty lovers is to choose safe treatment methods, listen to treatment recommendations from professional treatment personnel, and thoroughly resolve pigmentation problems.

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