electric stimulation therapy machine Little black eye, treatment is not simple _ picosecond laser deep improvement color Shen

by:Tingmay     2018-07-20

Black eye is a skin condition around the eye that is mainly due to lack of rest, cosmetics and other factors.

Dark circles have a great influence on the skin around the eye, and it is a manifestation of the health of the skin around the eyes. It may even cause premature aging of the skin around the eyes.

For the dark circles, many people think that it is easier to solve, adequate daily sleep, coupled with the help of medical cosmetology technology, can be a good way to alleviate dark circles, but in fact there are many types of dark circles.

Our common dark circles are black or brown. These dark circles are mainly caused by factors such as lack of sleep, overwork, genetics, and cosmetics, as well as skin conditions such as periocular skin irritation, dermatitis, etc., which cause blood vessels to dilate and inflame. Shen caused.

To deal with this form of dark circles, in addition to daily attention to rest, the more important to relieve skin irritation and color problems. Due to the specificity of the skin around the eye, external skin care products have limited effect on relieving dark circles. Laser medical cosmetic equipment, such as Picocare picosecond laser from Tmay, can directly penetrate the skin around the eyes, improve the color depth, and relieve dark circles. Such as eye skin problems have a significant effect.

In addition to black, brown dark circles, there is a common black eye, showing red and purple, these are mainly caused by lack of sleep caused by vasodilation and inflammation, and also lead to severe angiogenesis.

Different from black and brown dark circles, to deal with such dark circles, it is necessary to start with vasodilation and inflammation. Strong pulse light, such as Clabiane IPL photon working platform, can gently solve the problem of vasodilation in the skin tightening RF machine around the eyes and alleviate the cause. Redness caused by vasodilation and inflammation.

Finally, in fact, what kind of dark circles have the possibility of recurrence after treatment, this time we must pay special attention to the prevention of dark circles before the birth, in addition to adequate rest, you can also use vitamin E and other antioxidant products, and light diet To avoid exposure, it can also reduce the possibility of dark circles to some extent.

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