fast slimming machine The weather is getting colder and farther away from facial red blood triggers

by:Tingmay     2018-06-26

After entering December, the chilling air in the deeper winter is stronger, the north wind is like a knife, and the knife blade is not an exaggeration. The harsh winter climate has caused many people to have facial redness problems.

Especially for people who work in warm offices, the problem of facial redness is even more serious. Alternating cold and hot environment, it is easier to induce facial red blood problems, seriously affecting the health of the skin, but also trigger a series of allergic symptoms.

Therefore, when the depth of winter comes, the incentive to stay away from facial redness is very important, mainly starting from the following aspects:

Sunlight and wind

Ultraviolet rays and strong winds in the sun can take a lot of water away from the skin, and the original dry environment in winter makes the skin dry and fragile, and the capillaries expand or even break. And ultraviolet rays in the sun will stimulate more free radicals, so that the capillaries become hard and brittle, it is difficult to restore the original state, the formation of red blood. To deal with the sun and wind, the most important thing is to pay attention to sun protection in daily life, and often use replenishment products, such as Clabiane series of skin care products, to avoid the strong wind in the winter blow directly to the face, giving the skin the most comprehensive protection.

Local or systemic inflammation

When inflammation occurs in the body, a large number of anti-inflammatory ingredients will act through the capillaries and the capillaries will temporarily expand. However, if the inflammation persists for a long time, the capillaries will lose their ability to contract, and there will be facial redness problems. Including rosacea, diabetes or varicose veins, if the above symptoms occur, it should be treated in time to avoid prolonged inflammation lead to red blood problems.

Products containing hormones or acids

Acid can damage the skin. After such damage is accumulated for a long time, it will expand the capillaries, increase the permeability of the blood vessel wall, and form red blood. Hormone-containing products can cause skin collagen to degenerate, reduce capillary elasticity, increase brittleness, and finally allow capillary expansion and skin atrophy.

To avoid skin care products containing acids or hormones, it is best to choose a quality guaranteed brand, preferably a medical skin care Cryolipolysis machine, like Clabiane series skin tightening RF machine care products, non-irritating and safer.


Excessive cleansing can cause the skin's stratum corneum to be too thin and impaired barrier function. Harmful substances penetrate the inside of the skin through the thinning of the stratum corneum to cause inflammation and free radicals. These things will eventually cause the capillaries to expand and form red blood cells.

In the final analysis, facial redness is caused by impaired skin barrier function, and it is crucial to address the problem of skin, daily skin replenishment, and regulate skin water and oil ratio. Select medical grade skin care products such as Clabiane series skin care products. , Especially in this series of deep moisturizing mask, to improve the state of skin tightening RF machine water shortage, relieve red blood silk effect is significant.

Finally, when the winter solstice is approaching, the weather in the north will only become colder and drier. It is the high incidence of facial red blood cells that is far from the predisposing factors of red blood cells, reducing the incidence of facial red blood cells, and giving the skin the necessary maintenance. After this winter, it helps a lot and it's beautiful for a winter.

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