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by:Tingmay     2018-06-23

In the field of medical cosmetology equipment, the competition between equipment has always been fierce, and various new technologies and concepts have emerged in an endless stream. Therefore, many practitioners and institutions within the medical and beauty industry are also difficult to understand and have no choice. Not to mention ordinary consumers and amateurs who know little about medical beauty.

So for the average consumer, when choosing the right medical cosmetology program, apart from the understanding and choice of new technologies and concepts, the most important basis is whether the equipment meets the national certification standards, so most of the time, Consumers often choose between licensed devices and unlicensed devices.

What is the difference between licensed devices and unlicensed devices? What are the advantages or disadvantages of the two in terms of selection?

The so-called certified devices are medical cosmetic equipments that have been certified and passed by agencies such as the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). Relatively speaking, such equipment is favored by the industry's Chinese and American institutions and professional practitioners. This is because the advantages of certified devices over unlicensed devices are obvious.

The advantages of certified devices:

1. Equipment quality and effectiveness have been verified and approved by relevant national authorities. The national CFDA certification means that the country conducts professional certification on the quality of medical cosmetic equipment and on the effects of related skin problems. It is trustable regardless of the treatment effect or the quality of the equipment.

2. The equipment is more secure. The relevant national CFDA conducts professional certifications for medical cosmetology equipment. In addition to ensuring the stable operation and effectiveness of the equipment, safety is also an important part of it to ensure that the equipment minimizes the possibility of side effects and recurrence during the treatment process, and enhances Treatment safety.

3. The application scope is more clear and the application scenario is more extensive. In the certification process of certified medical cosmetology equipment, the national CFDA has clearly defined the problems that the equipment can solve. For example, Tmay's Pastelle Q-switched laser can cope with pigmented skin tightening RF machine problems, whitening skin tightening RF machine, etc.; Hairbang soft laser hair growth. The meter can relieve YAG LASER machine for hair removal loss symptoms, promote new YAG LASER machine for hair removal growth and so on. In addition, the state-level hospitals can only introduce medical equipment with national certification for treatment.

The disadvantage of unlicensed devices.

1. The medical market is relatively confusing and it is difficult to guarantee the efficacy and counterfeiting of unlicensed devices. Since the development of the domestic medical cosmetology market, some domestic unscrupulous manufacturers have never stopped mimicking the internationally renowned medical cosmetology equipment. These equipments are not only poor in stability, but all parameters cannot reach the safe treatment range. And there is no guarantee after the sale, once using such equipment is easy to have problems in the treatment process.

2. It is difficult for a cardless device to gain the trust of consumers. In the modern world where new technologies and concepts are prevalent in the medical and beauty industry, amateurs and consumers actually have very little knowledge of these technologies and concepts. Therefore, they want to solve existing skin aging and disease problems through medical and cosmetic treatments. The only equipment that can rest assured is that it has passed national certification. Therefore, certified devices are more popular among consumers.

Therefore, for the general public to accept medical beauty treatment, to obtain the best treatment experience and treatment effect, a certified medical cosmetology equipment is essential, this can better protect the basic rights and interests of consumers.

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