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Italy Exhibition - 03/17-03/20 2017

                                            The Cosmoprof Italy held in Bologna Exhibition Center, date 17-20 March 2017.

                                            There are so many beauty products showed here. The main products are: Cosmetics,

                                            Perfumes, Professional Hair Products, Beauty Equipment, Dental Hygiene Products,

                                            Household Hygiene Products, Household Aromatic Products, Gifts, Jewelry, Hair Salon and

                                            Cosmetics Store Furniture and Equipment, Hair Salon Supplies and New Products, Professional

                                            Beauty Salon Products and Equipment , Professional media, cosmetics packaging and raw materials and so on.


                                           Founded in 1967, Cosmoprof Cosmetics Show is a global beauty brand exhibition with a long history

                                          and prestige, which is held regularly every year in the Bologna Exhibition Center in Italy. The net exhibition

                                         area of 90,000 square meters in 2014 is from 135 countries in the world Of nearly 2390 exhibitors, of which

                                          international exhibitors reached 2000, to visit the procurement of professional visitors to 200,000 people,

                                          of which 38% belong to the international purchaser