knowledge After laser freckle easily rebound? nonexistent ultrasound face lift machine

by:Tingmay     2018-06-21

Great influence of color spots on beauty and perception has always been a disturbing factor for people in the beauty industry. After the appearance of color spots, it will always seek suitable and safe treatment means to minimize and eliminate bare faces. The pigmentation symptoms.

And what kind of freckle method is chosen, there are several issues that must be considered by the person who loves beauty, safety, effectiveness, and recurrence rate. Among them, safety and effectiveness are the criteria for judging the merits and demerits of treatment in a relatively short period of time, while the recurrence rate is the pros and cons of judging the treatment from a long-term perspective.

The freckle effect and safety of laser freckle are the best choices in the market, such as the Picocare picosecond laser and the pastelle Q-switched laser, but many people also feel that after treatment, the stain will be significantly improved. And desalination, but this desalination is more like a moment, then the stain will slowly increase again, need to be treated again.

Many people doubt whether this kind of anti-darkening phenomenon is rebounding. Actually, laser freckle does not have a rebound. This means that after treatment, the faded spots will gradually increase the normal treatment response.

Human skin is divided into three layers: dermal layer, epidermis layer, and subcutaneous tissue. When the pigment particles in the skin accumulate, it will show excellent spot symptoms on the skin surface. Laser freckle is the use of light penetration and mechanical effects, thermal effects. The pigment particles that act directly on the skin tightening RF machine are blasted out of the body, thereby dilute the stain.

However, any treatment is difficult to remove all pigment particles at one time. After the treatment is over, the pigment particles located in the deeper skin may return to the epidermis again and gradually form stains. This is not a rebound, but a stain that needs more The reason why the treatment can be cured.

Of course, after the end of treatment after improper care will also accelerate the production of pigment particles, increase the symptoms of pigmentation, such as sun exposure, dry skin, staying up late, smoking and drinking, etc., will stimulate the production of pigment particles, aggravate pigmentation symptoms.

It can be seen that, after the end of the laser treatment, the symptoms of the stain generally do not rebound, but the beauty people also have to do a good job of skin protection during the post-operative care stage. If they adhere to the treatment, they can cure the stain and alleviate the problem of the stain. Troubled.

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