knowledge There is no evidence that AVVIO He-Ne laser can prevent tumors

by:Tingmay     2018-06-23

People often describe themselves as doing extraneous things. As a result, they have not only failed to develop in a better way, but have also caused more trouble. In fact, we often do things we owe in our lives, such as hand-deleted important information, hand-destroyed favorite items, and so on.

It is these actions that often lead to reverse results, but they cannot control themselves, making many controllable things irreparable.

For example, in the United States, the performance of this situation is more direct, of which the most profound impact is the unreasonable response to pigmentation, such as collapse, can lead to further deterioration of pigmentation, neoplasia, serious and even life-threatening.

So Xiao Bian said today that the United States and the United States, the problem of hand-colored defects.

Long pigmented nevus is also a very common pigmented skin problem in daily life. It is the expression of melanocytes and melanin pigments in the epidermis and dermis. Most nevi pigments are very safe, and no significant deterioration occurs. Diffusion, in addition to having a certain influence on the appearance of the skin tightening RF machine, there will be no other problems.

However, pigmented nevus also has an inherently high risk. Such nevus may gradually deteriorate with time, forming tumors that ultimately endanger life.

However, this kind of paralysis is not much. It is only necessary to go to hospital for treatment as soon as possible and it can be improved. Of course, if there is no dangerous pigmented nevus, if the response plan is unreasonable, such as collapse, it will also cause neoplastic neoplasms to deteriorate.

Mr. Liu in Hangzhou encountered such a problem. For 30 years, the pigmented moles on the arm have not deteriorated, but because one did not intend to collapse and did not expect it to deteriorate, the new moles not only soon grew back, but also deteriorated into melanoma. Surgical removal, otherwise there will be life-threatening.

Simply handcuffing this wrong way of handling is enough to make the tumors worse, so that many patients with pigmented nevus are worried. In fact, it is not necessary, although the effects of severe neoplastic pigmentation deteriorate, but as long as the timely response, use Reasonable methods to remove it can solve the problem of pigmentation affecting the skin's perception without compromising health.

In the current market, a more secure solution is to use a laser helium solution, such as Tmay's AVVIO helium laser, which uses the 2940nm wavelength with the highest level of sensitivity to cause less thermal damage to skin tissue and can effectively target skin reconstruction. Eliminates pigmentation, accelerates collagen synthesis and restores skin health.

In the end, Xiao Bian reminded the patients who were paralyzed. If you have little effect on the skin's appearance, you can ignore it. If the effect is obvious, you should choose the safest and most reasonable solution. At the same time, you should pay attention to the status of the hemorrhoids. Once symptoms such as itching and bleeding occur, go to the regular hospital as soon as possible. Check treatment.

Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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