lose weight slimming machine Is intense pulse light really a panacea? Tingmay

by:Tingmay     2018-07-19

is different from the single wavelength of the laser. The continuous wavelength form makes the strong pulsed light enough to cope with all kinds of skin problems. In the medical and medical field, the intense pulsed light can be used in freckle, skin tightening RF machine rejuvenation, hair removal, and red blood. For all kinds of skin problems, the effect is obvious to all, and has attracted the attention of people who love beauty.

However, even so, there are still many people who question the effect of intense pulsed light. What is the effect of strong pulsed light in responding to the above problems? What is the principle? Today Xiaobian said this question.

First of all, the effect of intense pulse light on freckle, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and redness is certain, and it has been recognized by the medical beauty industry and amateurs, and it has produced excellent pulse light as its principle. Medical cosmetic equipment, such as the Tabi's Clabiane IPL Photonic Work Platform and much more.

Second, the principle of strong pulsed light mainly depends on its own characteristics.

Intense pulsed light is a multi-wavelength non-correlated light, which is the basis for its application to a variety of skin problems.

The absorption rate of light of different wavelengths in the human body is different, and the intense pulsed light device can be used to treat different skin problems by adjusting the wavelength range of the light, thereby destroying hemoglobin, decomposing melanin particles, and promoting skin collagen regeneration, destruction of hair follicles and other effects, so strong pulse light in the removal of red blood, freckle, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, whitening and other aspects have a good effect.

The photothermal effect and the light bursting effect are the mechanisms by which intense pulsed light produces skin-stimulating effects.

The photothermal effect is the generation of heat after the light acts on the corresponding tissue. If the heat is controlled within a certain range, it will cause some thermal damage in the skin. Heat damage can destroy YAG LASER machine for hair removal follicles and achieve YAG LASER machine for hair removal removal. Or stimulate the skin's repair and regeneration mechanism, promote skin collagen regeneration, improve skin condition. Heat damage can also destroy hemoglobin and improve facial redness.

The light bursting effect can directly blast the pigment particles in the skin. The broken pigment particles can be excreted through the metabolic system and the epidermis, so that the stain can be lightened, the skin tightening RF machine whitening can be brightened, and the like.

Intense pulsed light can cope with a wide range of skin problems, and relative to the laser, the safety of multiple pulse numbers is also higher, so strong pulse light is known as the 'universal skin beauty king' is absolutely scientific basis, its treatment process Fast and painless, and no need for a recovery period, it only needs to pay attention to the post-operative care work. It is also called “lunch-style beauty”.

Finally, when choosing a strong pulse light beauty, Xiaobian recommends that you choose a regular professional medical institution and excellent treatment equipment. Only such equipment and operators can ensure a professional and safe treatment process and achieve the best therapeutic effect.

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