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by:Tingmay     2018-07-21

The human skin tightening RF machine is extremely fragile. When the body weight increases dramatically, the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin will pull due to external forces, causing varying degrees of damage or tear, and the skin will become thinner and thinner. Some dark red lines with different widths and different lengths.

As the body weight drops, these dark red lines will form white scars and light lines, and the principle of the formation of stretch marks is the same.

Almost every woman will leave more or less stretch marks after giving birth to children. This is a manifestation of skin tightening RF machine damage, which not only seriously affects the perception and women's mental health, but also may cause skin itching and sensitive symptoms.

Stretch marks appear to have a lot to do with careless skin care during pregnancy. A weak skin tension can lead to stretch marks. Therefore, as long as you improve your skin's adaptability during pregnancy, you can prevent stretch marks to some extent. happened.


From the moment you plan to have your baby, you should pay attention to the physical exercise. Before pregnancy, you can do some exercises such as flat braces and push-ups, which can enhance your health and at the same time enhance the elasticity of your skin.

Cold water sponge bath

Before pregnancy, cold water rubbing the abdomen can improve skin elasticity, so that the skin can withstand the tension during pregnancy and not easy to break, but it is important to note that when the cold winter, female cold water rubbing bath should pay attention to the body's ability to withstand, to avoid discomfort The occurrence of symptoms.

Nutritional Balance

During pregnancy, women often have a lot of nutritional supplements because of their physical needs, but they also neglect to balance their nutritional supplements. Therefore, before pregnancy, at the end of pregnancy, try to eat more vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, and add bones. Collagen can accelerate the recovery of broken elastic fibers.

Using professional products to prevent stretch marks

At present, there are professional products for the treatment of stretch marks in the market, which can prevent the appearance of stretch marks to a certain extent and improve the health of abdominal skin. However, it is necessary to choose a professional and safe Cryolipolysis machine. It is best to listen to the advice of a doctor.

However, prevention can not prevent the appearance of stretch marks 100%, and there is no need to worry too much when stretch marks appear. Modern medical cosmetology can be perfectly solved.

Gold RF microneedles can deeply stimulate the dermis layer. The synthesis of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid are all activated. Collagen fibers regenerate and recombine, filling tissue fractures and effectively removing stretch marks. In addition, the ultrasonic blade can effectively smooth skin folds, restore skin firmness, and reduce wrinkles.

Tmay's UltraKing Ultrasound Microneedle combo

The combination of gold radiofrequency microneedles and ultrasonic knife technology can effectively target stretch marks produced by pregnancy, improve the condition of the abdominal skin, and eliminate the effects of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are in prevention, and secondly in elimination. Prevention can reduce the possibility of stretch marks to a certain extent. Just pay attention to improving the elasticity of abdominal skin in life.

When the appearance of stretch marks does not need to worry about too much, in the development of medical cosmetology technology today, eliminating stretch marks is also easy, to help you be a beautiful beautiful mother.

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