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by:Tingmay     2018-06-22

Face can relieve the dryness and lack of water in the face to a certain degree. Especially in the dry autumn and winter season, the skin will be moisturized for a long time after washing. It is also the principle that women often use a moisturizing spray to keep their skin moist for a long time.

However, in real life, although many people often wash their faces, they are also unavoidably affected by problems such as dry skin, wrinkles, and acne. This is mainly due to the fact that the way of washing their faces is not correct. The wrong washing methods in our lives have always affected us. skin health?

Do not wash hands before washing

Because the palm of your hand is often exposed to external objects, it is easy to contaminate various bacteria, and the result of not washing your hands before washing your face is that the bacteria remains on the face. If you do not notice it, it will cause infection, causing problems such as acne and pigmentation.

Water temperature is too hot or too cold

Overheated or cold water will cause the most direct damage to the skin, causing damage to the skin and even deeper layers of the skin, causing hyperplasia and accumulation of pigment particles. In addition, overheated or over-cooled water can also stimulate the skin pores, causing expansion and contraction, and eventually lead to harmful substances clogging the pores, resulting in rough skin.

Wash your face too hard

When washing your face, your face hurts your skin. The friction between your palm and face directly damages the epidermis on the face, making the skin more fragile. At the same time, the enormous pressure when you force your face will also cause damage to the epidermal capillaries. Squeeze, dilate capillaries, form red blood cells and facial sensitivity.

Dry towel wipe face

Dry towels are harder and have greater damage to the skin tightening RF machine than wet towels and will directly scratch the fragile skin. In addition, the dry towels will absorb too much water on the skin surface, which indirectly leads to dry skin tightening RF machine, affecting skin barrier function.

So how to wash your face to minimize the damage to the skin? First wash your face with warm water, you can open the pores, wash away harmful substances, then use cold water to shrink the pores, dry your face with a dry towel, smear skin care products to achieve the best protection.

For the rough skin, acne, wrinkles and other problems that have emerged, the best method is to use the help of medical cosmetology technology, such as the Layue Lavieen BB-laser laser, which can effectively solve the subtle problems of the skin and make the skin delicate. Smooth, free from acne rough.

Our skin appears to be powerful and actually extremely fragile. Even if it is a small thing that is very common in our daily lives, it can damage our skin. Therefore, we must protect our skin from the little things in life. .

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