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by:Tingmay     2018-06-21
What is a lattice laser?

Laser lasers emit fine-lined, laser-like lasers that penetrate directly into the dermal layer of the skin and evenly punch tiny holes to instantly vaporize the tissue at the scars and increase fibroblasts. Apoptosis, promotes collagen degradation, initiates tissue repair procedures, and utilizes a series of skin tightening RF machine biochemical reactions such as regenerative tissue repair within the scar. It is particularly effective for the treatment of residual scars, burns, or post-operative scars after acne.


Scars are the collective name for the appearance and histopathological changes of normal skin tissue caused by various traumas. The nature of the scar is a tissue that does not have normal skin tissue structure and physiological function, loses vitality, abnormal tissue, and is not sound. Clinical features are characterized by abnormal pigmentation, abnormal proliferation and expansion of blood vessels, uneven surfaces, reduced elasticity, and increased hardness with varying degrees of atrophy. Scars bring great physical and mental pain to patients, especially burns, burns, and scars left after severe trauma. A few years of scar hyperplasia almost made the patient miserable. The subsequent period of atrophy also made the patients completely different and dysfunctional, resulting in great obstacles to the body and mind.

Superpulse CO2 Dot Matrix Treatment Scar Strategy The birth of the

superpulsed CO2 dot matrix laser broke the traditional norms of scar treatment. In the past, the treatment of scars was the first purpose of salvage, and now the best appearance of beauty and improvement of limb function is more important.

How long can a laser treatment be initiated after surgery or injury?

The traditional concept is that the timing of surgical scar treatment should be selected from the stable period of scar maturation from 6 months to 1 year after injury. The reason is that the scar tissue has a clear boundary after its maturation, blood supply is reduced, and the surgical resection is less. Prior to this, non-surgical anti-'snoring' measures were used to 'treat' scars (preventing scar proliferation), such as compression dressings for elastic dressings to reduce scar tissue blood supply, steroid hormone scar injections to promote scar collagen degradation, and silicone gel products. And the use of drugs for external use, but the results are often disappointing. The development of ultra-pulsed CO2 laser technology combined with an in-depth study of scar pathology prompted us to change the traditional schedule of scar treatment. Most scholars now advocate advancing the time for laser scar treatment to 1 week after wound removal or 1 after surgery. Months later, when the wound has healed and is in the early stage of scar hyperplasia, exfoliative lattice laser can be used to introduce triamcinolone acetonide and other drugs. The treatment is more safe and effective, and the effect is better, which greatly reduces the possibility of follow-up traditional surgical resection of scars.

Lattice lasers are currently widely used in laser devices of various wavelengths, and a series of excellent dot-matrix laser devices have also been produced. Take Tmay's dot-matrix laser as an example, its application has won praises from amateurs.

Tmay's Queen Carbon Dioxide Matrix Laser, dot matrix mode, directs light on the dermis layer, accelerates skin repair, re-extracts collagen, and can effectively solve problems such as wrinkles, loose skin tightening RF machine, and scars, and improve skin color.

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