Q-switched laser freckles, skin whitening more thorough

by:Tingmay     2020-04-11

In people's minds, it is not easy to get rid of freckles, especially freckles that have lasted for many years, and it is more difficult to completely eliminate them. It's no wonder that beauty boss S said that the only thing that is harder than female stars is freckles. Visible removal of freckles is not an easy task.

Freckles are autosomal dominant, mostly in children. They are usually seen around the age of 5, and the number of freckles increases with age. The age of 18 reaches the peak, the color deepens, and the majority of women are found mainly in exposed areas, especially Face, arms extension and back. Lesions are brown spots, round, oval or irregular, clear boundaries, but the edges are often irregular, diameter 1 ~ 2mm, rarely more than 5 mm, about the size of the needle or rice, light brown to dark brown. It is common to have tens to hundreds of dense distributions, but each spot is isolated and not fused. It is most common on the face, especially on the back of the nose and cheeks. It is also found occasionally on the back of the hand, neck and shoulder, but it does not occur in non-exposed areas and the appearance of the epidermis is normal.

The number of freckles increases with the age of the patient, spreads, and the color deepens after sun exposure. In addition, excessive irradiation of X-rays and ultraviolet rays can promote the disease and exacerbate it. Even the fluorescence of fluorescent lamps can stimulate. The color of freckles varies depending on the amount of sunlight. In winter, it is light in color, light brown in color, dark in summer, brown or dark brown, but it is never black, so it can be distinguished from freckles and borders. All are black and the color is not affected by sunlight.

At present, the best way to treat freckles and freckles is Q-switched laser therapy. Many hospitals and medical institutions use this treatment.

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