stimulator machine There is a kind of 'eye bag' called tear ditch

by:Tingmay     2018-06-24

When there is insufficient sleep and rest is not good, because the skin around the eye is not adequately rested, it will cause sagging and sagging symptoms and form eye bags.

Eye bags make people look more aging, which itself is a kind of damage to the fragile eye skin tightening RF machine.

Eye bags are very common in everyday life, but beauty lovers can easily confuse bags with other symptoms, such as lying silkworms.

However, in addition to lying silkworm, there is a special kind of 'eye bags', it is also very easy to be confused with the real eye bags, that is, tears.

Tear groove is a groove that appears in the lower eyelid near the side of the nose, usually starting from the inner corner of the eye and extending up to the cheek.

Due to the depression of the tear groove and other surrounding skin, the lower eyelid will look bloated and prominent, forming a 'eye socket.'

However, this is not a true eye bag. Compared with the bags under the eyes, the causes of tears are mainly the following factors.

Atrophy of the fat pad of the orbicularis oculi muscle

The orbicularis oculi muscle is a muscle that surrounds the eye, forms an eyelid, and is responsible for blinking work, and the orbicularis oculi muscle can affect the skin on it by the self sustained contraction. Therefore, when the fat pad of the orbicularis oculi muscle is contracted, it will affect the depression of the skin. In addition, if the combination of the skin and the orbicularis oculi muscles is relatively tight, the problem of depression will appear to some extent, and a tear trench will form.

Innate development factors

The majority of people with more tear sulcus are caused by congenital developmental factors. The dysplasia of the maxilla and sacrum causes symptoms of tear sulcus.

This teardrop caused by congenital factors tends to make the skin thinner and more visible around the eyes, but it will be lighter when young, and as the age increases, the problem of tears and tears will become more and more serious.

In addition to the above two factors, the swelling of the orbital fat and the supporting ligaments of the orbicularis oculi muscle restrict the downward movement of the local tissue and may also result in the deepening of the tear sulcus. However, regardless of the cause of the tear sulcus, the occurrence of tear sulcus and the skin There is an inseparable relationship between aging, and to improve the tears should start from the fight against skin aging, tightening the skin.

Tmay's UltraKing ultrasonic micro-needles combine the ultrasonic blade and gold RF micro-needles together. Gold RF micro-needles can deep stimulate collagen reorganization and improve skin condition. The ultrasonic blade can improve skin aging from the fascia layer, stimulate skin contraction and firmness, and achieve the effect of dilute tear and anti-aging.

The new year has arrived, and as we get older, the problem of skin aging will also become increasingly prominent. The one-year plan is spring. When the new year comes, anti-aging of the skin should be carried out as soon as possible, and It will be your firm backing on the road to resilience and walk with you.

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