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by:Tingmay     2018-06-25

Chloasma, also known as butterfly spot, is a pigmented skin problem commonly found on the face. The main sites of chloasma were hernias, cheeks, nose, forehead, ankles and other parts, which were tan or black patches with unclear boundaries and irregular shapes. There were no obvious symptoms or discomforts. When melasma is produced, the melanocytes in the skin become active, melanin particles are produced in large quantities, and accumulate in the skin. The darker brown or black patches are also formed on the skin surface, which leads to the generation of melasma. The symptoms of chloasma are obvious, which is an important basis for distinguishing chloasma from other stains. First, chloasma appears symmetrically on the face and is in the shape of a butterfly. It is also called a butterfly spot. And its onset time is mostly seen in women's pregnancy, breast-feeding, and oral contraceptives. It is closely related to women's endocrine, and it is also called pregnancy spots. Second, the incidence of melasma is affected to a large extent by liver diseases. In Chinese medicine, chloasma is also referred to as liver spot, and it is affected by sun exposure. When the sun is more severe, the symptoms of chloasma will develop to a certain extent, on the contrary, if the daily focus on sun protection work, chloasma can also be a certain degree of relief. In addition to the above characteristics, the most important and most obvious feature of chloasma is that women have a high risk of chloasma and are more susceptible to chloasma than men. The reason for this is mainly influenced by the following factors. First, the cause of chloasma. The causes of chloasma are complex, including endocrine disorders, liver disease and other physiological diseases, contraceptives and other oral drugs, pregnancy, sun exposure, cosmetics, and genetic factors. In addition to lifestyle habits, eating habits, liver diseases and other factors, women are more likely to Affected by contraceptives, pregnancy, breastfeeding, reproductive system diseases, and cosmetics, women are more likely to have chloasma than men. Second, emotions, skin tightening RF machine factors. Under normal circumstances, women's emotions are more delicate than men's, and skin health is also relatively more fragile. Therefore, women's mood fluctuations are more pronounced, and the skin is easily affected, resulting in a large number of pigment particles, resulting in brownish brown Plaque symptoms develop and intensify. Third, lifestyle factors. Due to different social divisions of labor, women bear more burdens than men in housework, child care, and family stress. In many cases, the quality of sleep in women is worse than that of men. Therefore, women are more vulnerable to chloasma. Fourth, men are less likely to have chloasma. Relatively speaking, men have a very low probability of producing chloasma. This is mainly due to the many factors affecting chloasma. Only genetic factors have a greater impact on men. Chloasma is not a hereditary disease, but genetic factors have a greater impact on men. The vast majority of men with chloasma have family history, which is why men are less likely to get chloasma than women. Women are not only more susceptible to chloasma, but also chloasma has a greater impact on women. First, women pay more attention to facial health and beauty than men. The appearance of chloasma will directly affect the patient's mood and self-confidence, exert a tremendous psychological pressure, and even endanger mental health. This has a significant impact on the patient's life, work, family, social and so on. Psychological suffering will also be greater. Second, chloasma itself does not have much effect on physical health, but it predicts certain diseases that exist in the body. Such as endocrine disorders, metabolic waste deposits in the body and so on, so patients with melasma tend to appear lassitude, irregular menstruation, irritability and other symptoms, which in addition to the results of the spiritual aspects, but can not ignore the physical health Change. Third, the appearance of chloasma is often accompanied by other conditions such as uterine attachment inflammation, infertility, etc. in the female reproductive system diseases, as well as liver disease, malnutrition and other symptoms, all of which may be caused by chloasma Diseases that appear. In fact, the appearance of chloasma can be completely prevented. Patients can make sufficient preparations before chloasma to kill chloasma in the cradle. For this reason, patients with melasma, especially female patients, can pay attention in life. The following questions: First of all, adjust and improve bad living habits and eating habits in life, avoid smoking, drinking, avoid staying up late, and maintain a good mood. At the same time, do a good job of sun protection to avoid directly stimulating the skin with the above undesirable factors. Melanin can prevent and alleviate melasma to a certain extent. Second, conditioning the endocrine system, daily life, pay attention to skin care, especially during irregular menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, the official high incidence of chloasma, this time we must pay more attention to the maintenance of the skin tightening RF machine, can be appropriate to use some appropriate skin care products that improve skin and body health can effectively reduce the incidence of melasma. Finally, after the occurrence of chloasma, patients do not need to worry about too much, although there is no cure for the chloasma and prevention of recurrence in the market, but it can use laser medical aesthetic means to effectively dilute and eliminate stains, the greatest reduction The effect of chloasma can be achieved at this time with the help of everyday life. Chloasma is a serious and far-reaching problem for women. It has caused many women to worry about it. Therefore, women also pay special attention to skin care in daily life, and do a good job in the prevention of yellowish brown spots in daily life. Spot work to avoid and mitigate the effects of chloasma.

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