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by:Tingmay     2018-07-06

People say: A fall of rain is cold, it seems that autumn is a cold and humid season, but in fact it is not the case.

In the fall season, the moisture in the air seems to be lost in an autumn rain. It becomes dry and absorbs the residual moisture in the skin tightening RF machine.

As one of the organs with the largest area of ​​contact with the external environment, the external environment is essential to the health of the skin tightening RF machine. When the outside is relatively dry, the skin will be affected by the problem of water shortage, manifested as moulting, dry, dull, showing 'hungry. Thirsty state.

So, what kind of skin is already in a water shortage?

First of all, after washing my face, I always feel that my face is dry, tight and uncomfortable.

This is mainly because when the face is washed, the skin in the face is dehydrated and absorbs enough water to make the skin shrink and tighten, creating a sense of tension.

Second, after coming out of the air-conditioned room or facing the computer for a long time, the skin is as painful as cracking. Due to the working principle of air conditioners and the effects of computer radiation, long-term expectation in the air-conditioned rooms or the use of computers, the loss of skin moisture speed, and will be excessive loss, resulting in skin water shortages.

Once again, the appearance of dark lines and fine lines, especially the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. When the hydration ability of the skin drops, the skin will appear loose, lose elasticity and other problems, and then produce fine lines.

The skin activity around the eye is relatively frequent, the skin is thin, and fine lines and other problems are more likely to occur. Therefore, when the fine lines appear on the face or around the eyes, the water shortage condition of the skin becomes quite serious.

Finally, after bathing, the skin feels itchy and even part of the skin appears to be peeling.

When the skin is dehydrated, the bath can make the skin absorb and replenish moisture, resulting in an itchy feeling. In addition, when skin peeling symptoms, indicating the symptoms of water shortage has been quite serious.

Therefore, in the fall and winter season must pay special attention to two issues, the first is moisturizing, this is due to less moisture in the air, skin moisture loss faster.

You can use some moisturizing and replenishing products, such as Clabiane series skin tightening RF machine care products, to add moisture in time.

In addition, we must pay attention to sun protection, although the fall of ultraviolet light in the sun in autumn and winter, but the reduction of moisture in the air can also make the UV can directly shine on the skin and accelerate the rate of water loss, so even if the ultraviolet is not strong autumn and winter season, sun protection is still important.

The lack of water in the skin accelerates the aging process of the skin, leading to various conditions such as wrinkles, pigmentation, oiliness, and dryness caused by lack of water. It not only affects the appearance but also affects the health of the skin. Therefore, it constantly pays attention to the skin's water shortage and maintains the skin's water. Run state is the first choice for people who love beauty in autumn and winter and is the best solution for delaying aging.

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