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by:Tingmay     2018-06-29

As the most intuitive manifestation of skin aging around the eyes, the problem of the bags under the eyes is small, but it also affects thousands of people who love beauty, causing them to suffer.

The problem of the bags under the eyes has not been a good solution since its appearance. At present, all coping methods on the market can only alleviate the problem of bags under the eyes.

The problem of bags under the eyes gave birth to a series of products that responded to aging eyes, such as eye cream and eye masks. At the same time, they also reminded people of a series of good living habits, such as going to bed early and getting up early and fully moisturizing, but they have had limited success in dealing with eye bags. The reason is that many people deal with eye bags. They only know the causes of bags under the eyes and do not distinguish between different bags under the eyes.

In general, there are two kinds of eye bags that people grow into, including fat eye bags and muscle bags. Although the symptoms are similar, they are essentially different.

Fat eye bags

There are several pairs of fats in the skin around the eyes. With age or lack of rest, fat will sagging a little, and the skin tightening RF machine around the eyes will be thin and fragile. After the fat sags, it will form a pouch. .

This form of eye bag is the most common eye bag, and it is also the most intuitive manifestation of skin aging around the eyes. And to deal with such bags under the eyes is also very simple, adequate sleep and regular eye skin skin care products, can ease to a certain extent bags under the eyes.

The quicker, safer method is to eliminate eye bags with medical aesthetics such as Tmay's Picocare picosecond laser.

Muscle eye bags

In addition to the fat problem that causes the bags under the eyes, muscle is also an important factor. Muscles are present around the eyes and are distributed in a circular pattern around the eye. When the muscles are too tight, muscle bulging can form eye bags.

For muscle-type eye bags caused by muscle bulging, traditional methods of dealing with bags under the eyes cannot be used. Instead, muscles that are excessively bulging around the eyes should be managed to relax, which can solve the problem of bags under the eyes.

In general, for this type of bags under the eyes, medical and medical fields have chosen to use botulinum toxins to relieve them. By injecting botulinum toxins to make the muscles not tense, the bags under the eyes will be greatly relieved.

Although the principle of the two types of bags under different eyes, but the impact on the personal image is extremely far-reaching, people look more aging, relaxed eye skin is also prone to fine lines, so that the skin is damaged.

Finally, even if medical cosmetology techniques are used to deal with bags under the eyes, good habits can prevent pouches from reappearing. Therefore, in daily life, taking a full rest should be a good habit.

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