Tingmay e stimulation machine Why is the pulse width of the picosecond laser as short as possible?

by:Tingmay     2018-07-03

From the traditional nanosecond lasers to the picosecond lasers that have become popular in recent years, the constant change in laser technology has also refreshed people's understanding of the limits of laser pulse width.

In particular, the advent of picosecond lasers in the past two years has achieved better results than nanosecond lasers, and has made the laser treatment of pigmented skin diseases reach a new level.

So why is picosecond laser treatment of pigmented skin problems better than nanosecond lasers? What are the advantages of the short pulse width of the picosecond laser?

First, the shorter the pulse width of the laser, the less heat is transferred.

The pulse width of the laser is the duration of the laser when the laser is maintained at a certain power. When the pulse width of the laser is relatively short, the time for acting on the target tissue is relatively short, and the laser energy absorbed by the target tissue is relatively small and will not spread to the surrounding area. The damage to the surrounding normal tissue can also make the treatment more selective.

Second, the pulse width is relatively short and produces less heat during the treatment.

In the case of very short pulse widths, heat is hardly generated during the treatment process, which avoids the possibility of heat damage to the skin due to the photothermal effect, and reduces a series of side effects caused by thermal damage such as blisters, scars, anti-darkness and pigmentation. Persistence and so on, so as to improve the safety of treatment, so that the possibility of side effects of treatment becomes lower.

Finally, the shorter pulse width has a significant effect on the treatment of pigmented skin problems.

Lasers with shorter pulse widths are better at removing pigmentary skin diseases. The laser responds to pigmented skin problems. The principle is that the photomechanical effect directly affects the pigment particles in the skin tightening RF machine, blasts them into finely divided particles, and excretes them through the epidermis and metabolic system. The picomechanical laser has a stronger photomechanical effect, and it can explode the pigment particles by breaking it up even more. Therefore, the effect of removing the stain is better and more thorough.

The appearance of picosecond laser has always been concerned by industry experts and amateurs since its appearance. At the beginning of its appearance, it has been recognized by experts in the global medical beauty industry. For example, Tmay's Picocare picosecond laser was first appreciated by Professor Li Yuanhong. Afterwards, it was even introduced into Chongrui Hengmei, and the effect and quality were unanimously affirmed by experts and amateurs.

The replacement of laser technology provides more therapeutic possibilities for skin tightening RF machine problems. It has a very short pulse-width picosecond laser, and it responds to all kinds of pigmented skin problems, eliminates tattoos, and improves skin tightening RF machine texture and delays aging. It has a significant therapeutic effect and is a great choice for amateurs.

However, with the increased prevalence of hifu ultherapy machine, it has become far more affordable.
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