Tingmay electric stimulation therapy machine Beijing does not snow, how many people are suffering from red face?

by:Tingmay     2018-06-27

This winter in Beijing has not yet snowed. This can ruin the little friends in Beijing. Can the winter without snow be a qualified winter? Of course not! Not only that, but in the south of Beijing, Blizzard has been welcoming a few days in a row, leaving Beijing's young friends even more troubled.

It did not snow. Beijing was dry and cold, and the sturdy north wind was blowing away the only moisture in Beijing. This undoubtedly aggravated all the red-faced skin problems in Beijing, causing both physical and psychological stress and suffering. .

As soon as winter arrives, many cold-faced people will appear in the cold northern regions. This is mainly due to the skin symptoms caused by facial redness.

Facial erythema is a symptom caused by poor facial telangiectasia, impaired stratum corneum, or a part of the capillaries, which is mainly manifested as redness and fever of facial skin. This skin is thin and sensitive, and it is easily affected. External stimuli and the effects of emotional changes, in severe cases, will form sedimentary stains that are difficult to cure.

Now, in the winter of Beijing, the symptoms and effects of facial redness are aggravated, which is closely related to the current climate.

Dry climate

Climate characteristics in winter and the dryness caused by continuous snowfall over the next few days have an effect on the skin, which is mainly reflected in the reduction of externally obtained moisture and the loss of water in the skin, which inevitably leads to dry and dry skin, coupled with cold wind. Under the effect of the skin, the skin is prone to dry cracking, damage, etc., and the ability to resist external damage will also be reduced, resulting in prone to skin problems such as redness, pigmentation, and sensitivity.

Cold weather conditions

In recent days, Beijing is particularly cold, which is very irritating to the skin and even directly frostbite the skin, causing facial redness. In addition, the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor winter in the north is large, a huge temperature difference will stimulate the capillaries, so that it does not stop expansion and contraction, which also can not be underestimated skin damage, which is why many people have high incidence of red blood in winter facial YAG LASER machine for hair removal.

The dry air and the cold weather have caused many small partners to suffer from red blood on the face. So, in order to deal with facial redness, the impact of red blood is minimized. The necessary skin care and treatment is very important.

In winter, the necessary skin care is nothing more than daily skin replenishment and warmth. By choosing the right warming method and the best replenishment Cryolipolysis machine, the impact of climate will be mitigated to some extent. Of course, in addition, it is necessary. In addition to the replenishment and warmth measures, timely treatment can also reduce the impact of the winter.

Current treatment options for facial redness include medicines, ointments, and cosmetics, but these methods are more or less flawed. The side effects of drugs, the dependence and irritation of creams and cosmetics cannot completely cure them.

The emergence of intense pulsed light and lasers solves this problem. Taking Clabiane IPL photonic working platform and Mercury long pulsed laser as an example, the former can intercept light of a certain wavelength according to the selective absorption of light, and directly generate photothermal effect after acting on the skin and act on capillaries, and the latter acts on the skin capillaries through the laser. The hemoglobin in the coagulation dissolves. Therefore, the above two programs can effectively improve the problem of facial flushing, and can also improve the condition of the skin tightening RF machine to a certain extent and prevent the recurrence of red blood cells on the face.

Facial redness is not only sensitive to irritation, resulting in various symptoms of discomfort, and the presence of red blood cells greatly affects the perception of the skin, and even the formation of stains, will also have a certain impact on the patient's mental health, to the normal life Inconvenient to come, so in the face of red YAG LASER machine for hair removal in the winter, pay attention to prevention, timely response, is the fundamental solution to red blood.

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