Tingmay Endocrine disorders caused by those skin problems electric stimulation therapy machine

by:Tingmay     2018-07-08

Because the skin is too close to the external environment, it is easily affected by external factors such as air pollution, direct sunlight, cold and dryness, and so on, resulting in a series of skin problems. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on daily life. skin care and protection reduce the impact of the environment on the skin.

Little do they know that in addition to external factors, internal factors are also key factors affecting skin health, such as skin capillary circulation, endocrine factors, etc. Among the most common factors affecting skin health are endocrine disorders, and today we can say that endocrine disorders may cause What are the issues?

skin tightening RF machine problems, pigmentation and acne problems are all related to endocrine

The endocrine status directly affects the health of the skin. The state of endocrine can affect the various indicators of the skin, such as oil conditions, lack of water, thickness of the stratum corneum, and so on, and thus endanger the health of the skin.

When the amount of oil on the skin increases, it is easy to clog the pores, infect the YAG LASER machine for hair removal follicles, and cause the YAG LASER machine for hair removal follicles to grow a large number of bacteria, resulting in acne, cysts, and possibly even disfigurement. In addition, endocrine disorders may also cause pigment cells in the skin to become active, produce a large number of melanin particles, accumulate in the skin will produce a stain, and even produce a melanoma pigment such as difficult pigmentation.

skin aging, endocrine disorders can accelerate skin aging

In the event of endocrine disruption, various functions of the skin are affected, such as the skin tightening RF machine's ability to lock water, waste metabolism, and skin barrier function, which may be affected by endocrine disorders.

When the skin's water-retaining ability, metabolic function, and barrier function are impaired, the skin is easily dried and fragile, and is affected by the metabolic wastes in the skin and the external environment, which can increase the damage to the skin and cause wrinkles, sagging, and darkness. Yellowing and other aging problems accelerate skin aging symptoms.

Therefore, when the above symptoms occur, it is necessary to consider whether it is caused by skin factors caused by endocrine factors. If this is the case, we must pay attention to improving some living habits, timely treatment, and ease the impact of endocrine disorders. In addition, skin problems that have already occurred can be improved with laser medical cosmetic techniques. For example, Picocare picosecond laser can improve and alleviate the problem of pigmentation. Lavieen Laser can solve skin problems such as acne and fine lines.

The best way to cope with skin aging is to use ultrasonic knives, such as UltraKing ultrasound microneedles, to cope with skin aging from the fascia layer, and to restore skin's firmness and elasticity, creating a perfect little V face.

Different from external factors, the internal factors that affect skin health are difficult to intuitively detect and prevent. This requires us to improve our daily habits in daily life, try to be adequately rested, and avoid irritating foods, thus reducing endocrine secretion. The possibility of maladjustment prevents skin problems caused by internal factors.

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