Tingmay Hemorrhoids after phototherapy? normal phenomenon lose weight slimming machine

by:Tingmay     2018-07-10

Optoelectronic treatment has a remarkable effect on all kinds of skin problems, especially for stains, skin aging, pigmentation, large pores, red blood, etc., all have a good therapeutic effect, so photoelectric treatment is deeply loved in beauty. The people of the United States welcomed and sought after, many people even opt for electro-optical beauty as an important part of everyday beauty.

However, during the actual experience, some amateurs responded to the treatment of light, and acne-like skin tightening RF machine lesions appeared on the face. These acne problems may affect the final treatment results. Today, Xiao Bian has “exploded acne” after phototherapy. The question explains why acne can occur after phototherapy.

It was shown in advance that acne on the face is a normal phenomenon after phototherapy.

Photoelectric therapy can achieve the effect of beauty skin rejuvenation and improve various skin problems. It is related to the thermal damage caused by photoelectric effect to the skin. It is these heat damage stimuli that the pigment particles and aging tissues in the skin can be decomposed. At the same time, the new collagen is reconstituted and the new skin replaces the old skin before it can improve the health of the skin.

The acne problem after treatment is mainly due to heat damage to the sebaceous glands, affecting the amount of oil that they secrete. When the sebaceous glands secrete a lot of oil, the clogged pores will form acne-like skin lesions.

Under normal circumstances, these acne-like skin lesions will not affect the results of phototherapy, without undue care, to avoid the influence of scratching, infection and other factors, these acne will naturally fade, without any impact.

Of course, if the symptoms of acne are severe, you can go to the hospital to receive a treatment plan from a professional doctor, or receive medical beauty treatment like common acne, such as Tmay's Lavieen lavender BB-laser laser, to deal with acne and acne caused The problem of acne pits and smallpox in India has excellent results.

Finally, there is no need to worry too much about the problem of pox and acne after electro-optic treatment. On the contrary, more attention needs to be paid to the post-optic nursing care, such as replenishment of water and sun protection, to minimize external stimuli so as not to affect the final treatment effect.

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