Tingmay How to deal with the problem of pigmentation after high pigmentation after autumn stimulator machine

by:Tingmay     2018-07-09

Day and night hopes, the summer is getting older and the autumn is deeper.

Without the hot summer sun and hot air, it seems that ultraviolet light has a very small impact on us. There is no need to worry about sunburn, sunburn, and spotting problems. However, the actual situation is not the case.

After entering the fall of the season, many people begin to have various stain problems after entering the fall, seriously affecting the perception of the skin.

So why are the stains appearing after the fall?

First, after experiencing an entire summer's exposure, the melanocytes in the skin are very active after the fall. A little stimulation produces a large amount of melanin granules that accumulate in the skin tightening RF machine and form various stains. Therefore, the high incidence of autumn spots and summer sun exposure are not related.

Second, after the fall, the intensity of ultraviolet light in the sun weakened, but the effect on the skin was still strong. The sun damages the skin mainly by UVA and UVB in the ultraviolet rays. Although the intensity of ultraviolet rays is reduced, there is still a strong UVA, which always hurts the skin tightening RF machine.

And after the fall of the sun, many people do not work well in the sun, so they have a lot of stains.

Finally, there are multiple stains after the fall, which is also closely related to the dry and dry climate.

After the fall of the air, the humidity decreases, affecting the skin water-oil ratio balance, making the skin particularly fragile and susceptible to external environmental issues resulting in a series of skin problems, and thus more likely to produce stains, affecting skin health.

After the fall, multiple stains will require a safe and efficient way to deal with it. The better freckle on the market today is through the use of laser medical cosmetology technology, which uses the penetrability, photothermal effect and photomechanical properties of the laser to directly affect the deeper layers of the skin. The pigment particles are broken and then excreted through the epidermis and metabolic system.

Tmay's Q-switched lasers ATR and Pastelle and picosecond laser Picocare are effective in dealing with stains. They can quickly fade stains without sacrificing side effects. By focusing on preoperative and postoperative care, pigmentation can be avoided. Waterlogging and other issues.

Finally, it should be noted that after the autumn, laser medical cosmetic treatment is relatively simple and does not require too much emphasis on sun protection as much as summer. However, due to the dryness of air after the fall, it is necessary to pay special attention to moisturizing after the operation. In order to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

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