Tingmay Is a universal picosecond suitable for everyone?

by:Tingmay     2018-07-05

The picosecond laser technology was born shortly afterwards, but it has attracted much attention from the medical and aesthetic fields due to its outstanding performance and remarkable results. With the continuous development of picosecond laser technology, various skins have appeared on the market. Second laser device.

Tmay's Picocare picosecond laser is one of the earliest picosecond laser instruments. At the beginning of its launch, it was favored by domestic and international experts in medical cosmetology and medical academies, and has developed solutions for various skin tightening RF machine problems.

Picocare picosecond lasers can effectively address pigmented skin problems, including various stains, pigmentation, tattoos and other issues, so that it fades away and disappears. In addition, it removes deep wrinkles such as neck lines and relieves skin tightening RF machine aging around the eyes and bags under the eyes. It is also unique.

So can the picosecond laser handle so many skin problems that everyone can use a picosecond laser to deal with skin tightening RF machine problems?

Not so, Picocare's picosecond lasers are powerful and have a wide range of indications, but before the development of a new treatment program, the scope of their indications is still limited, mainly in stains, neck lines, eye bags, dark circles, etc. skin problems, even in skin rejuvenation, acne, improve the pores have a certain effect.

Second, each person's skin quality also determines whether they can receive picosecond laser treatment. If the skin is too dark, it is not suitable for receiving picosecond laser treatment, which will cause local whitening and form white spots.

Therefore, before receiving Picocare picosecond laser treatment, it is advisable to accept the judgement of professional physicians and institutions, choose the most reasonable treatment plan, and not to believe in the rumors of small clinics, black workshops, but also in the choice of picosecond laser equipment, but also try to Select top-tier international brands.

The picosecond lasers produced by some unscrupulous merchants in China are mostly shoddy. The use of traditional Q-switched lasers as the picosecond lasers often results in insufficient effects, and the spot and quality are not stable enough, and various side effects are likely to occur.

Therefore, in the final Xiao Bian also reminded the majority of people in the United States, choose the picosecond treatment as far as possible to choose the major medical beauty hospitals and outpatient clinics, professional and safe, and more secure.

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