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by:Tingmay     2018-07-18

With skin aging, wrinkles are commonplace. However, these wrinkles make people look old and affect their personal image. This is for those who care about the skin and refuse to age. It is absolutely intolerable.

From the deeper part of the skin, the appearance of wrinkles is caused by changes in the structure of the muscles and skin tissue, and this symptom, in addition to genetic factors, is more closely related to the hydration ability of the skin, the degree of exaggeration of the expression and other acquired factors.

skin tightening RF machine hydration ability declines

skin hydration ability refers to the ability of the skin tightening RF machine to merge with moisture. When the hydration ability of the skin is strong, it can absorb and lock up a lot of moisture. This moisture not only makes the skin become moist, shiny, elastic, but also can enhance The skin's barrier function reduces external damage.

When the skin's hydration capacity declines, it will cause the skin to dry, loss of moisture and collagen, increase the skin's dark yellow, sagging and sunken problems, increase wrinkles, and even develop into true wrinkles. To cope with the problem of decreased hydration capacity of the skin, it is necessary to add moisture to the skin and improve the skin condition at the same time.

The use of Tmay's Clabiane skin care products can alleviate skin hydration problems. Its PGA AQUA MASK deep moisturizing mask can effectively replenish the skin's missing moisture while repairing the skin condition and reducing the loss of moisture and collagen. .

For the problem of collagen that has been lost, laser medical cosmetic technologies, such as Picocare picosecond laser and BB-laser laser, can effectively stimulate the regeneration and reorganization of collagen in the skin, alleviate the problem of collagen loss, and make the skin more full and full.

Exaggeration of facial expressions

In addition to the decrease in skin tightening RF machine hydration capacity, another important reason for the formation of wrinkles is the exaggeration of facial expressions, which can compress the skin of the epidermis, cause it to be damaged, form folds, and create wrinkles.

To ease the problem of skin wrinkles, ultrasonic knives can be the perfect solution, such as UltraKing ultrasound micro-needle combo, this direct fascia treatment can quickly wipe wrinkles, restore skin firming.

Of course, the causes of wrinkles in life include exposure, wind and other factors. This requires Amy people to focus on skin care in daily life to protect the skin from external harm, in order to delay aging and minimize wrinkles. .

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