Tingmay On hair loss, why men are the most injured?

by:Tingmay     2018-07-17

Among the hundreds of millions of people with hair loss in China, there are far more men who suffer from hair loss than women, and even more than twice as many, and women often have hair loss only, and men are actually bald. hair loss is tailor-made for men.

Taking the inheritance of hair loss as an example, it has been confirmed that genetic alopecia in men is dominant, while in women, genetic alopecia is recessive. In other words, if A is not a hair loss gene and a is a hair loss gene, then both males have alopecia, whether Aa or aa. Women only show hair loss when they are in the aa gene.

Thus, the hair loss of parents in their daily lives will directly determine the child's hair loss probability.

When the father has hair loss and the mother is not hair loss

In this case, taking into account the complex situation of both parents of hair loss, it can be roughly estimated that if the offspring is a male, the probability of hair loss is probably more than 70%, and if the offspring is a female, the probability of hair loss is probably only 15%, male The probability of hair loss is much higher than that of women.

When the father does not have hair loss and the mother has hair loss

Under such circumstances, if the offspring is a male, the probability of YAG LASER machine for hair removal loss can reach 100%, that is to say if the mother's hair loss is hereditary, then the son will definitely have hereditary hair loss, but if she is a daughter, it is completely different. The probability of hair loss is 0 and there will be no symptoms of hair loss.

Finally, both parents have hair loss or no hair loss

When both parents have hair loss, then if the offspring is a male, the probability of hair loss will be 100%, while the offspring is female, there will be 75% of YAG LASER machine for hair removal loss symptoms. However, if both parents do not have hair loss, then the probability of the son having hair loss problems can be reduced to 25%, and her daughter will not have YAG LASER machine for hair removal loss at all.

It can be seen that for hair loss problems, the most affected are the majority of men, and in addition to hereditary factors, life pressure, hair follicle infections, androgen secretion are also the main causes of male hair loss, so men need a more Safe and effective relief of hair loss, and promote new regenerative products.

Tmay's Hairbang Hale Pa soft laser hair growth machine uses laser technology to deal with hair loss. LLLT low energy laser can effectively improve the state of scalp feeding, thus improving hair follicle and hair health and improving hair loss.

Finally, it should be noted that the parental hair loss mentioned in this article is a hereditary hair loss, not a transient hair loss caused by factors such as stress and infection.

hair loss problems can be alleviated by laser technology when they occur, so parents with hair loss problems need not worry too much about avoiding the use of unhealthy drugs and endangering the health of their children.

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