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by:Tingmay     2018-07-04

On the 12th of November 2017, the four-day conference of plastics and beauty specialists of the China Non-Public Medical Association Association's 2017 Annual Conference was successfully concluded at the Kuntai Hotel in Beijing.

The current annual meeting invited well-known experts from the domestic medical and beauty industry to participate in the conference and made a professional report on a subject in the industry. Dr. Zhao Xiaozhong and Dr. Li Yuanhong attended the annual meeting and made helium-neon lasers and picoseconds. The relevant report of the laser received the unanimous attention of the participants.

Dean Zhao Xiaozhong's report at the meeting was about the 1927nm He-Ne laser. Taking the TmayLavieen Lavinie BB-laser He-Ne laser as an example, Dean Zhao Xiaozhong explained in detail the principle of He-Ne laser, coping with the symptoms and other issues, and conducted the scene. Practical display, outstanding results.

Professor Li Yuanhong’s project report is about the emerging picosecond lasers in the past two years. The principle and advantages of picosecond lasers are introduced in detail, and Tmay’s Picocare picosecond lasers are greatly appreciated.

In addition, the annual meeting also invited famous medical beauty equipment brands in the industry to participate in the conference. As a well-known international laser medical beauty equipment brand in the industry, is also invited to participate in the conference. All exhibitors have displayed the latest medical and cosmetic equipment at the exhibition, which has greatly helped to promote reasonable competition and common development in the industry.

The China Non-Public Medical Association Association's Plastic and Beauty Specialist Committee is a non-profit, national-level industry association approved by the State Council, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The annual conference is an annual major event of the association, and it is also the national cosmetic surgery The industry events that are shared by industry colleagues are of great significance to the continuous development of the medical beauty industry.

In this year's annual conference of the Plastics and Beauty Specialist Committee of the China Non-Public Medical Association Association, was able to enjoy great success. The products were widely recognized by field experts and participants.

will continue to develop and innovate in the field of medical cosmetology, continue to contribute to the domestic medical and beauty industry, and become a respected medical laser equipment brand.

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