Tingmay Timely replenishment, careful caution in the fall of true wrinkles best muscle stimulator machine

by:Tingmay     2018-06-27

After the fall, the climate became exceptionally comfortable. It was no longer hot in the summer, it was not as cold as winter, and the autumn weather was suitable for traveling and enjoying the autumn scenery.

For those who love beauty, traveling abroad must pay attention to the problem of dry weather in autumn. Dry air can speed up the loss of moisture in the skin and make the skin dry and dry.

At the same time, due to less moisture in the air, the ability to block the sun's ultraviolet rays will decrease, which will increase the damage of the sun to the skin.

Therefore, the lack of water in the fall of the skin has a direct effect on accelerating skin aging, causing the fiber layer to break due to lack of water and forming a true wrinkle. If it is not treated earlier, it will become increasingly fiercer.

Therefore, the replenishment of the skin becomes the most important thing after the fall, and the replenishment of daily life can start from the following aspects:

The first is to drink plenty of water everyday, and only the body has enough moisture to ensure the skin's moisture filling.

Simply replenishing the skin without ensuring that the body has enough water, the supplemental moisture in the skin will not remain for a long time, can not alleviate the problem of dry skin.

Followed by the use of moisturizing skin tightening RF machine care products

moisturizing skin care products can provide moisture to the skin, while locking in the original moisture in the skin, continue to moisturize the skin of water. It is recommended to use medical-grade professional skin care products such as Clabiane series skin care products for better hydration and higher safety.

Finally, with the help of medical cosmetology technology

Injection of water, injection of hyaluronic acid, which is easily absorbed, can effectively alleviate the problem of dry and dry skin. With the help of medical cosmetology technology to improve the problem of water shortage in the skin, the effect is remarkable, the effect is fast, and the safety is free of side effects.

In addition to relieving skin dryness, the benefits of daily hydration are numerous. The moisture-filled skin is conducive to collagen regeneration and microcirculation, which can increase the smoothness and elasticity of the skin and stimulate collagen production in the fibroblasts of the skin, improve fine wrinkles, and delay skin aging. In addition, the proportion of water and oil in the skin filled with water is coordinated, which can enhance the skin barrier function and reduce the external environment to bring damage to the skin.

The special climate in autumn and winter requires Ami people to pay more attention to rehydration, and at the same time, they should not neglect sun protection. Protecting the skin in all aspects is the right way to protect the skin in autumn and winter.

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