Tingmay What is the difference between hyaluronic acid in cosmetics and hyaluronic acid in cosmetic injections?

by:Tingmay     2018-06-28
Usual view

When doing hyaluronic rhinoplasty, doctors will give me shape after injection, and hyaluronic acid in cosmetics seems to be invisible. Although they all claim to be hyaluronic acid, it is definitely not the same thing, maybe it is a 'gimmick.' Roots are two different substances.

Hyaluronic acid in cosmetic products is the same as hyaluronic acid in cosmetic injection products. Therefore, products containing hyaluronic acid in daily skin care can be used to remove wrinkles and remain young.

expert's point

In cosmetics or minimally invasive beauty, people often come into contact with 'hyaluronic acid,' and they also wondered if cosmetics and cosmetic hyaluronic acid are different. From the above two common viewpoints, it can be seen that everyone's understanding of hyaluronic acid is not comprehensive enough. They are all hyaluronic acid and have the same molecular structure, but their concentrations, cross-linking structures, and application effects are all different.

The hyaluronic acid injection used in medical cosmetology belongs to medicines, while hyaluronic acid used in skin care products belongs to cosmetics, and their concentration and effect are different. skin care products are applied externally and they mainly function as moisturizers, because they cannot be absorbed by the skin and they cannot penetrate into the dermis. They have a filling effect and therefore do not have this effect. The medical fill type is used as an injection material and is filled into the skin by injection (similar to a liquid prosthesis) to make the skin plump. After the injection, the effect is quick, the effect is obvious, and the duration is relatively long. There are four different points:

The molecular form is different: Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics is not only of small molecular weight, but also the molecular form is basically 'linear', and there are few cross-links between molecules, which means that there is rarely a 'hand in hand' state among molecules. Therefore, this type of hyaluronic acid is more like a 'liquid'. Similar to glycerin, it is very absorbent and can be added to skin care products as a moisturizer. The injection of hyaluronic acid for filling is different, the molecular weight is large, and the molecules are cross-linked to form a huge molecular structure, that is, there are more cases of 'hands in hand' between molecules, such that the formed macromolecular hyaluronic acid not only retains Hyaluronic acid has excellent water absorption properties, and its appearance changes greatly. It is no longer a liquid state but a jelly state and therefore cannot be added as a moisturizer in cosmetics, but it is excellent as a skin filling material.

The use of different methods: injection of hyaluronic acid injected into the skin by a professional doctor, used to fill the depression and wrinkle; and because of its low content of cosmetic hyaluronic acid, only topical smear on the skin surface moisturizing effect, itself can not really penetrate deep into the skin, the skin There is no filling effect.

Concentrations are different: the hyaluronic acid used in medical injections belongs to medicines, while the cosmetic hyaluronic acid belongs to cosmetics. Their concentrations are very different. Generally, cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid, and their content is very low.

The effect is different: hyaluronic acid in cosmetics is generally used for skin moisturizing (after skin tightening RF machine moisturizing, there is a certain ease effect on false wrinkles), and the effect of hyaluronic acid injection is more extensive, not only can be used for wrinkle removal, but also can be used for shaping, such as Fill the facial depression, fill the apple muscle, rhinoplasty, chin, etc. Once injected into the skin, the effect is almost immediate.

Different maintenance time: Hyaluronic acid is one of the important components of human dermis. It is not repelled by human cells and has good biocompatibility. At the same time, it retains the moisture in the skin. It has a strong moisturizing type but is metabolized by the body. , Hyaluronic acid injection can generally maintain 6-12 months, cosmetics hyaluronic acid need long-term smear, it is difficult to achieve significant results at one time and maintain a longer time.

Expert advice

Although it is hyaluronic acid, its use may be completely different. According to your own actual situation to choose such products. In general, hyaluronic acid for different uses cannot be interchanged. The hyaluronic acid in cosmetics may be very different from the hyaluronic acid used in injections, and its use is also different. Therefore, it is very important to respect the doctor's opinion. Do not DIY yourself after learning about online knowledge. [Review] Hyaluronic acid in cosmetics is a low-molecular-weight, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, and it is a highly effective moisturizing ingredient used in cosmetics. Injection-filled hyaluronic acid is a macromolecule hyaluronic acid that has been extensively cross-linked and is not easily metabolized. It is an injectable liquid “prosthesis” that is filled below the dermis by injection to correct some of the problems of aging. The two names are the same, but their properties are different and usage is different.

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