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Price War In Full Swing LED Bulb Sales Broke Out


LED  bulb is an alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs of new  energy-saving lamps, the current use of LED bulb lighting high-power LED  chip production, in order to prevent glare, the shell is usually made  of frosted glass or acrylic. Can be driven directly by the mains, most of the products with wide voltage input, can be input from the AC85 ~ 269V. LED bulbs use the existing interface, that is, screw, socket (E26 \  E27 \ E14 \ B22, etc.), and even in line with people's habits to imitate  the shape of incandescent bulbs.

Based  on the LED light-emitting one-way principle, designers in the lamp  structure has been changed so that the LED light bulb light distribution  curve with the incandescent light source of the basic convergence. Based  on the LED light-emitting characteristics, LED bulb structure to be  relatively incandescent complex, basically divided into light, drive  circuit, heat sink, these parts together to create low-power, long life,  high light efficiency and environmental protection LED bulb Lamp products. So that LED lighting products in the present terms, is still a high technological content of high-tech lighting products.

As  we all know, the current incandescent lamp is gradually out of the  market, energy-saving lamp sales are shrinking, LED bulb has become a  trend of widespread use. However, due to long-term use of traditional lighting on the  consumer's far-reaching influence on the background, making the  appearance of the incandescent lamp structure and interface LED bulb  came into being.

It is understood, LED lights and energy-saving lamps spread is rapidly narrowing. LED  light compared with the traditional light source with low energy  consumption, although the advantages of long life, but its high price of  LED lights to become an obstacle to the outbreak of the important  reasons. But the past two years due to LED chips and packaging costs dropped  significantly, LED lamp prices also will be a significant drop.

2014 become the LED bulb development year

LED has not yet in the rise, the light source market is the same energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamp world. With the rise of LED, the light source market to carry out the  situation of three hegemony in 2014, incandescent slowly eliminated,  sales of energy-saving lamps atrophy, so that LED bulbs became the  darling of the business.

According  to statistics, the current Taiyuan LED bulb sales of energy-saving  lamps and incandescent lamp is more than 2 times, fully occupied the  market share of the light source, Taiyuan, one of the largest wholesale  source of the Taiyuan Tai Tong lighting, general manager Qi Songyue  said, Energy-saving  lamps and LED bulbs in 2013 to carve up the market, into the 2014  energy-saving lamp sales overall decline in LED bulb sales overall rise,  mainly due to LED bulb technology innovation, the decline in prices led  to energy-saving lamp market share To have less, and people have a follow the trend of the state, and no  matter how much understanding of the LED, is to buy in LED products,  which also led to the business-oriented LED sales into a comprehensive  battlefield.

"Now  my store is not how to sell basic energy-saving lamps, and all are  based on LED bulb-based, this year there are tens of thousands of bulb  inventory, every day dozens of pieces out to wholesale." Qi Songyue so  introduced Road.