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LED Industry Trends In The Future You Know How Much


Every year there are always meetings of various sizes like the trend, there are a variety of research report released.

To  the reference data of the objective, or even personal experience of  subjective, a segment of the field and even the whole industry to  predict the future, and sometimes feel like "fortune telling" the same  (of course this is more scientific, to system); Unknown world speculated that the development process of the factors  that contain force majeure, we should allow it to be biased.

Therefore, Xiaobian said, the following LED industry trends for the  grasp of the Ali and insights, are individuals or institutions, "one of  the words" is expected and the actual event may eventually be some  access, the right to understand and reference.

China 's LED lighting industry in 2016 development trend

According  to the "China phase out incandescent road map (draft)", October 1,  2016, China will prohibit the sale and import of 15 watts and above the  general lighting incandescent. Incandescent exit, will undoubtedly bring more business for the LED market space.

According  to the 2016-2021 China LED lighting industry, special research and  investment value forecast report data show that in the first half of  2016, the cumulative production of incandescent bulbs up to 2.012  billion, with the vast majority of incandescent gradually withdraw, LED  lighting industry will Will usher in a huge market.

At  the same time, since 2011, "road map" proposed, LED industry, set off a  wave of investment turmoil, resulting in today is still an industry  overcapacity. Although the LED lights in the domestic market penetration of more  than 30% of the lighting, incandescent is less than 5%, already does not  form a competitive situation, but because of overcapacity led to LED  lighting products oversupply, many LED companies are shrinking profits  year after year.

According to the analysis, LED lights want to usher in the real good, and perhaps the time is not yet reached. At present, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps for the LED lamp market share has a great impact.

2016 2016 high-efficiency LED market development of new trends

In  the power LED components is the key to the market mainstream LED  packaging products, the market this years, significant growth, it is  estimated that by 2020, the global LED lighting market point of view  3.744 billion US dollars, the power of the LED because of the  performance and stability Factors, will occupy a lot of weight, much of the market optimistic. At present, the power LED market favored by the national industry, the  power LED market area, from the past 150lm / W, to 220lm / W this level  of ultra-efficient products.

In  Europe and the United States market, high efficiency is already  acceptable, and become a lot of buyers favor one of the options. High  efficiency led to create a LED lighting, lighting systems, but also the  overall efficiency of 150lm / W specifications, fully meet and exceed  the latest DLC specifications V4.0 130lm / W ~ 140lm / W high efficiency  requirements. This will be in effect in 2017 will be the provisions of the future  will help the LED lighting market in the United States to expand.

DLC in 2016 issued a draft technical requirements of lighting 4.0 on the lamps, light-emitting efficiency was further amended. As  COB products are more likely to achieve high light efficiency, it is  expected that the DLC4.0 bill will have a positive impact on COB  products. 2016-2021  China LED industry development analysis and investment potential  research report shows that the lighting market, which also led to the  next generation of LED lighting equipment replacement procurement needs  in Europe and the United States market, the efficiency of only 80lm / W  or less LED lamps do replace the solution also gradually appear.

2025 outdoor lighting control market growth to 1.3 billion

Outdoor  lighting systems include outdoor lighting control for railways and  highways, urban parks and public areas, sports parks, commercial site  lighting, outdoor parking, colleges and university campuses. According to statistics, from 2016 to 2025 LED outdoor lighting system  shipments will reach 6.3% compound annual growth rate, while other  outdoor lighting technology unit shipments will decline.

However,  with the improvement of outdoor lighting technology to LED lighting and  lighting control market, rapid growth is expected in the next 10 years,  LED lighting will soon become the outdoor lighting (outdoor lighting, Technology leadership, including the city and other organizations, will also continue to transform external lighting.

As  the efficiency of outdoor lighting technology and cost reduction,  business and government investment upgrades to reduce operating costs  and reduce carbon emissions. Many outdoor systems now rely on basic controls such as night dimming and automatic shutdown. The use of LED technology can reduce costs, improve efficiency and quality. According  to the report, the outdoor lighting control market, including motion  sensors, photovoltaic cells, intelligent control and control software,  is expected to grow from $ 492 million in 2016 to $ 1.3 billion in 2025.