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LED Lights Will Dominate The Lighting Market


Edison invented incandescent lamp 130 years ago, must not think of this great invention will be  disabled.  From the  lock-up order  to take effect there is a month, but large  lighting market in Hefei has been difficult to see high-power  incandescent figure.

Incandescent out of speed

According  to the  phase-out incandescent roadmap in China,  October 1 this year,  China will prohibit the import and sale of 60-watt and above the  ordinary incandescent lighting. From October 1, 2016, will ban the import and sale of 15 watts and above incandescent. This means that low luminous efficiency, energy consumption, short  life incandescent lamp will gradually withdraw from the stage.

Yesterday,  the reporter visited the Hefei part of the home square, found on the  market basically do not see high-power incandescent figure. Flying lighting Anhui Philips total distribution staff Hao told  reporters,  the year before has been discontinued high - power  incandescent lamp, and now basically no one to buy.

At present, the market mainly to sales of energy-saving lamps and LED lights based. A salesperson told reporters, incandescent cheap though, as long as  two or three dollars, but too much power and easy to bad, and now sell  the better is more than ten dollars of energy-saving lamps and twenty or  thirty yuan LED lights.

Although the price point of view, incandescent lamps to be cheaper,  but if you want to achieve the same lighting intensity, 60-watt  incandescent, energy-saving lamps only need 12 watts, LED lights only  need 5 watts, can save a lot of electricity.

Although  the physical stores have sold very few high-power incandescent, but  there are still a large number of high-power incandescent online sale,  and some stores and even sell 500-watt bulb, the vast majority are  wholesale, the price more than a few dollars to dozens of pieces Money one. Reporters  on the Internet also found that some unique retro incandescent style,  art Fan children to sell, buyers are mainly used for home, bar,  specialty store decoration.