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vacuum breast enlarge&massage nipple sucking beauty machine TM-505

vacuum breast enlarge&massage nipple sucking beauty machine TM-505

vacuum breast enlarge&massage nipple sucking beauty machine TM-505

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China (Mainland)
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1 piece
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   ❈  PRINCIPLE ++

The specially-designed vacuum pump can enlarge quickly the size and shape of the breasts with no injury or health risk from surgeries. It is different from a pushing-up, filled bra or implantation of silica gel. It builds beautiful and natural breasts for you by use of physiological period.

1.By rhythmed absorption of fatty grain into the breast, the vacuum pump can  reorganize it, decompose, enlarge and fix the shape.

2.In the first half of the physiological period (hyperplasia period): the hormone in the body rises naturally, hyperplasia arises in galactophore tissue and gelatine substance, which need a large amount of fatty substance. Vacuum pump can increase the amount of blood circulation in local areas and absorb fatty grains and inherent liquid to maintain plump and erect breasts.

3.In the second half of the physiological period (recovery period): the hormone in the  body falls, the galactophore tissue begins to recover and decrease its size. The breasts  will become smaller and softer. At this time, the vacuum pump can attract to the greatest degree the fatty and inherent liquid in the breast to keep plump and erect breasts.

4.By periodical good circulation, the fatty tissue in the breasts can absorb more nutrition, dredge blood circulation and lymph circulation system, and increase nutrition to make breasts big and erect.

5.Breast-plumping cream is rich in plant essence (similar to feminine hormone) natural growth factor. Since the small molecules have a highly-effective penetration ability, based on the principle of highly-effective penetration and absorption, the hormone  secretion system can be modulated to stimulate the development of galactophore tissue,  provide enough nutrition and promote the accumulation of fat in the breasts to expand  galactophore and achieve plump and erect breasts

   ❈  Application ++

This instrument is applicable for women with hypogenetic breasts, inherited small breasts,unsymmetrical breasts, loose and atrophic breasts after pregnancy, inserted nipples and hardened breasts after breast-swelling operations.

   ❈  Major structure and functions of breasts ++

The breast is located in the chest. The galactophore is attached to the ectopectoralis fascia on both sides. It ranges from the second rib and the sixth rib starting from the  chest bone to gland before armpit until the middle armpit gland.

The shape and size of breast differ from person to person and vary with age or pregnancy. Generally young girls who are not fully developed or women who haven't milked their babies will have solid and springy breasts (it is composed mainly of  galactophore tissue with little fatty tissue) to have a shape of hemisphere or cone.

① Exterior  the exterior surface skin of the breasts, mammary areola and nipples (called  sponge combining together)

A.Skin tissueprotect the exterior part of the breast with the same function as skin in

     other parts of the body;

B.mammary areolaprotect the exterior surface skin of the milk pipe;

C.Nipplesthe distributing center of milk;

Interiorthe major structure of the interior part of breasts: fat, connective tissue, glandular

cell, galactophore, breast and blood vessel nerve;

   A.Fata major index to decide the size of breasts;

   B.Connective tissue  the source to maintain the elasticity of the breasts;

   C .Glandular cellit has a function of secreting milk and carrying nutrition. By blood circulation, it can bring the nutrition

        completely into the interior of the breasts. If the blood circulation is not so good, the breast will shrink due to lack

        of nutrition.

  D  Galactophore and milk pipe it works for the milk secretion period with the function of  secreting and transmitting milk.

  E   Blood vessel nervepipe to transmit blood.

   ❈  Packing list ++

      Name                                     Number

Main machine                                        1 unit

Breast-building cup(large)                     1 pair

Breast-building cup (medium)               1 pair

Breast-building cup (small)                     1 pair

Lymjph cup (large)                                 1 pair

Lymph cup (medium)                             1 pair

Lymph cup (small)                                  1 pair

Transparent glue pipe                            1pc

Transparent trifurcate pipes                    1pc

Instruction                                             1 set

   ❈ The photos show ++

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